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Very few leaders will dispute the fact that trust is a key to a good working environment in business.

The question is – do we know how to actually create, develop and maintain trust in the workplace?

In recent years, science – specifically neuroscience – has enlightened us on why we trust.

And it looks like this!


I’m working on a post on Trust – so in the meantime I hope you enjoy this short – and a bit provocative post. 🙂 


What drives your ego?



As human beings we have a fundamental desire to make an impact.

Credit to GoPro who has captured this fundamental desire in two gentlemen from rural China who despite their physical challenges and social status are making a difference in their community!


Leadership in the 21st century requires a paradigm shift from leadership of the past century. We are 16 years into this new era and awareness of this fact is awakening in business slowly but surely. My hope is that this blog can be a catalyst to that continued awakening.