We are here to help you! Here is how we can do that.



We conduct a series of workshops and facilitate the process to find, formulate and communicate your company purpose.

shake - trust


Through training and mentoring we help your leaders establish and maintain a working environment of trust


Living it

It can be challenging to transition to creating a working environment of purpose and trust. We help implement supportive processes such as Bonus Systems, Performance Reviews and Leadership Development

Building Partnerships through Trust

Are you considering entering a business partnership - or are you in one that you don't feel works optimally? We facilitate the building and maintaining of partnerships based on trust.

Executive Mentoring

We use mentoring as an integral part of helping any company through transition. We also offer Executive Mentoring to help leaders in the service of their company and employees.

OFactor Survey

We facilitate and sell the OFactorâ„¢ Survey based on the field research of Dr. Paul Zak. This is an "employee engagement survey" which measures trust in an organization and delivers real-time data.

Leadership Ambassador Survey

Want a simple and fast engagement survey for your employees? The number 1 reason for employees leaving a company is their direct manager. This survey measures if your employees feel that their manager is a leader.