October 18, 2016
David Engle

Artificial Intelligence

Let’s imagine you are the Chairman of the Board for a large international company. During a board meeting, the CEO and his sales team are presenting a market thrust in Germany. You’ve been losing market share to a major competitor and the plan is to pump €40M into the market to take back that market

October 10, 2016
David Engle

Management AND Leadership

Over the years there have been a plethora of attempts to distinguish between leadership and management – and then those who take the position that the two are just synonyms.   Have no doubts – I do take a position in this long-term discussion. 🙂   My short and unscientific description of the difference between

October 4, 2016
David Engle

Leadership Oath

An Oath? Physicians take the Hippocratic oath. Why? Because through their work, they have a huge impact on people’s lives and well-being and actually have a position where they could do physical harm to their patients.   What about leaders? We don’t really fear that they physically will inject poison into our veins… But in


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