21st Century Leadership

Leadership in the 21st century requires a paradigm shift from leadership of the past century. We are 16 years into this new era and awareness of this fact is awakening in business slowly but surely. My hope is that this blog can be a catalyst to that continued awakening.

Leadership is about people.

You are not a leader just because you have a manager title – you are only a leader if you have followers – and those followers are people. Yes – human beings!


Human beings have an innate desire for two things: belonging and uniqueness.

As human beings we want to be part of something bigger than ourselves – belonging.

We also want to be seen as the unique individuals that we actually are – uniqueness.


As leaders we need to be capable of nurturing and managing both of these strong human drives


By leading with purpose, we create a working environment where the team members feel that they belong.

By leading with trust we create a working environment where each individual is valued for their uniqueness.


Lead21 was created to inspire and motivate those leaders (and aspiring leaders) who actually believe that leadership in the 21st century is something different than leadership in the past century.


My intention is to convince the doubters that this change is inevitable, inspire the believers to act and motivate those who meet obstacles on this fantastic and challenging path forward!


I sincerely hope that this blog doesn’t just become a monologue! I need your thoughts and comments so that this is a dialogue!


I will post here on www.lead21.dk and also on LinkedIn. In addition, feel free to follow my tweets on the subject @lead21_tweets.



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  1. Nice launch David. This is a valuable discussion and important work! Our next generation of leaders across business AND government needs to do things differently. We are stuck in the patterns of the past that prevent us from embracing the future.

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