September 26, 2016
David Engle


As always, the youngest generation entering the job market is viewed with just a bit of scepticism. Currently we experience the entrance of what we so fondly call millennials – or other more or less flattering names – Gen Y/Z, the Internet Generation, Digital Natives, the “selfie” generation…   Reality is that these young people

September 20, 2016
David Engle


Very few leaders will dispute the fact that trust is a key to a good working environment in business. The question is – do we know how to actually create, develop and maintain trust in the workplace? In recent years, science – specifically neuroscience – has enlightened us on why we trust. And it looks

September 13, 2016
David Engle

Me –> We

I’m working on a post on Trust – so in the meantime I hope you enjoy this short – and a bit provocative post. 🙂  What drives your ego?