The world is truly becoming global. The most talented people don’t work for you! They may even be physically located in China or Africa or India or just next door.For many knowledge jobs - it doesn’t matter anymore. The challenge is finding those who believe what you believe and bring them on board.


Please read the essay on the future of manufacturing:


However, please do be aware of the fact that most wealth is created through manufacturing - and until we can all 3D-print in multiple materials quickly at home (yes, that technology will be here soon) - then there will be manufacturing facilities to make products - and these will need to be manned by human beings.


The amount of information available today is enormous!LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, various news portals, etc.


Just a few years ago a CEO could start his day by reading the Financial Times or a local business newspaper. Result - he/she had a pretty good idea of what was important for the business and could transition the information into knowledge and based on that knowledge make intelligent decsions for the business - operationally, tactically and strategically.


Now there is a very real risk that information becomes available which if not captured and made into knowledge could mean that the company loses out to the competition on important points. Vice versa that information could also have a huge positive impact on the business - if captured quickly and made into knowledge!


To capture and made information into knowledge - every employee on the team needs to know why we are here and where we are going.



Reality is that you are being disrupted as you sit and read this. 🙂


Our way of living and working will change. 65% of the jobs our children will have - don’t even exist today.


3D-print will change the way we interact with products. Robots will take over most mundane jobs leaving only the jobs that require abstract thought to us living, breathing human beings.


We and our businesses need to be flexible and agile if we expect to be able to succeed in this new reality.


The young people who are entering the job market today have different expectations to the companies they work for and their leaders than employees just a few years back.


Many young people today in the western world have realized that material goods just don’t make us happy. They are nice - but not more than that.


They have reached the pinacle of Maslow’s hiearchy of needs at a young age and for them, self-actualization comes through first helping others and next “saving the world”.